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Fire Damage Repair

Fire or smoke in your home or business can cause devastating damage. Even if the fire is relatively small, the damage caused by smoke and water can be extensive.

Fire emits a variety of chemicals and smoke residue that contain acidic properties and with time these residues will cause hard surfaces to erode and stain permanently. Soft items such as clothing, upholstery, bedding, etc. can be saturated with contaminated water, or simply smoke. Water contamination spreads to unaffected areas which can cause stained carpets and discolored furniture.

Contents & Electronics Specialist

Who We Are

FireKleen is a state-of-the-art contents processing company capable of restoring those precious, sentimental items that in the past were not able to be recovered. Our focus on technology and processes assures a proven solution to contents restoration

What We Do

Our team of certified professionals utilizes Digital Photo Inventory and time tested techniques to ensure accurate and efficient pack-outs. Personal property is inventoried, securely packed and transported to the most advanced content facility in the region. From general contents to the most delicate of heirlooms, items undergo a variety of the most advanced processes in the industry.

Contents are stored in a fully insured, alarmed, climate controlled facility until redelivery.

Possessions are always treated as if they were our own.

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